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What are the Best Things to Do in Al Noor Island

1.Al Noor Island, making it a great weekend activity for those living in villas.

There are plenty of accommodation and dining options to choose from and the resort is the perfect place to hang out for an entire holiday. 

  • With Access To The Local Water Sports Facilities And Golf Courses, And Also With The Private Health And Wellness Facilities And The World Class Facilities At The Noor Beach And Noor Spa.

Guests have the perfect environment to let their hair down and take a well deserved rest. For those that are looking to do some swimming, water sports, and diving, there are plenty of places to stay at which allow guests to live the complete water sport activities.

For those looking to book accommodations or any other service at Noor Island, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can arrange for guests to check into any of the available facilities and accommodation and make sure that they are placed exactly how they like.

2.Fisherman’s Bastide

Fishing for fish and fish eating is one of the most popular activities in Marrakech.

  • As It’s The Cheapest And Most Accessible Way Of Obtaining Fish, And Also Because The Locals Here Are Very Efficient At Catching The Fish They Want And Then Cooking Them Up Perfectly For Guests.


As with all of the activities at Noor Island, there are plenty of options for those looking for accommodation, as the resort is one of the best equipped with places to stay for the best possible accommodation and dining options

3.The Literature Pavilion in Al Noor Island

Will certainly inspire the inner poet in you, while The Water Park, a water and water activities theme park, will certainly keep the entire family happy.

To end off the trip and to make it memorable, a visit to the Doha Museum of Contemporary Art is a must.

  • At The Museum, You Can Enjoy A Number Of Exhibitions Which Are Updated Every 2 To 3 Months. 

The museum holds a special place in the hearts of Doha residents as it is a symbol of artistic expression in the city, as well as a reminder of the rich art scene and culture Doha used to have.

A visit to Al Noor Island is not complete without learning how to handle falcons.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at the International Falconry Centre in Al Noor Island, you can be taught how to handle a falcon. During the workshop, the instructor will give you the basics and you will be able to handle a bird of prey. For those who want to learn how to shoot a falcon, a day-long course is also organised.

  • If Your Travel Companion Is A Fan Of Falconry, Then A Weekend Visit To The Falcon Experience In Doha Is Also Suggested.


During the weekend of 13th – 14th April, the Al Noor Island. The Sports Museum invites everyone to enjoy a weekend of sports and a little fun.

Al Noor Island Sports Museum’s weekend activities will feature indoor and outdoor sports such as dodgeball, tennis, basketball, kickball, volleyball and table tennis. The outdoor play area will include mini obstacle courses and even a giant inflatable

4.Al Noor Island private botanic garden

Al Noor Island in Sharjah is home to more than 70,000 plants, the largest private botanic garden in the region.

  • On The Other Side Of Town, The Sprawling Botanical Garden In The City Of Al Ain Is Home To More Than 15,000 Species Of Plants, More Than 4,000 Of Which Are From The Arabian Peninsula.

In Abu Dhabi, the capital, the annual Abu Dhabi Flower and Garden Festival draws crowds from all over the country to a five-day program of plant-related lectures and shows. In Dubai, which is home to Dubai Botanic Gardens and the world’s first planned urban forest.

  • The Flower Expo (Now Part Of The Dubai Culture & Arts Festival) And Its Counterpart, The Arab Flower Show, Draw More Than 200,000 Visitors Each Year


At their best, these large-scale botanic gardens and conservatories serve as both public parks and education centres. At their worst, they can become

  • “Plant Museums” (As The Conservatory At The Chicago Botanic Garden Is Now Being Called), Glorifying The Glories Of The Western Horticultural Tradition.

At the expense of other cultures. But when the plants are as spectacular and diverse as the flowers and foliage that grow in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, can anyone argue that botanical gardens are anything but a great and wonderful thing.

If you’ve been to any of the botanic gardens in the Gulf you will have seen the astonishing blooms of many tropical flowers, including many species of orchid that were introduced to the region by European explorers and gardeners.

The most famous of these is the “magnificent flowering desert,” the desert hibiscus, which has been cultivated for centuries in places like the King Fahad Botanic Garden in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

  • Like All Flowers, Hibiscus Blooms In Order To Reproduce. In Order To Do This, They Need Pollen And, As Is The Case With All Plants, This Pollen Is Carried By Pollinating Insects. But As With All Plants, Some Insects Are Better Pollinators Than Others.

If you’re wondering how some insects can pollinate the hibiscus when the flower is closed, it’s important to remember that hibiscus is actually a type of epiphyte, meaning that it grows on a larger plant, which, in this case, is usually a tree. This tree is usually the original plant, but the flowers are dependent upon water and nutrients provided by the epiphyte. Without those things, the flowers would quickly wither away and die.

But when it is open, the beautiful hibiscus flower attracts not only insects that visit to feed and rest, but also flies that visit to collect pollen. The pollen of the desert hibiscus is very long and white, making it ideal for the yellow and black bodies of desert flies

5.Al noor Island the playgrounds

l Noor Island, the playground guarantees quality outdoor fun for kids. With swings, seesaws, trampolines, climbing walls and sandpit.

The island also offers an enclosed sandbox for babies, a pirate ship slide and a rock climbing wall. Adults can choose from a number of activities too, with tennis and squash courts, a climbing wall and a mini golf course.

6. Cenotaph Al noor Island

This was a popular place to celebrate Armistice Day in Canada until the 1950s. The Cenotaph still stands on Sussex Drive, a short walk from Parliament Hill.

  • Since The Cenotaph Was Built In 1919, This Memorial Has Stood As A Reminder Of Canada’s Long History Of Sacrifice And Honour.

It’s now the Canadian War Memorial. There are three tiers to the memorial that recall the three different wars fought by Canada: the World Wars, the Korean War and the Second World War. An eternal flame was added in 1961, in honour of all Canadians who lost their lives in war.

7. National War Memorial Al noor Island

Canada’s National War Memorial, officially known as the Canadian National War Memorial, is one of the first things visitors see when they come to Canada.

  • The National War Memorial Is The Central Piece Of The War Memorial, And Is Dedicated To The Sacrifices And Bravery Of Canada’s Military.


It’s located in Ottawa, close to Parliament Hill. There are two memorials on the grounds – one for Canadian military members, the other for Canadian civilians. The main memorial honours all Canadians who have lost their lives in military service. It is a stark reminder of all of Canada’s wars, as well as the Canadian veterans who lost their lives during them.

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