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Doing Our Part to Fight the COVID! ūü•ä

  We're so happy to be back on the beach, but we understand we're living in a different world than we were a few short months ago. With COVID-19 in mind, we wanted to let you know what we'll be doing to ensure our customer's health and safety. First and foremost,...

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COVID-19 Update: 5/20/20

Hooray Beach!! As you may have heard, the Town of Wrightsville Beach has voted to lift some restrictions for beach goers!! Beginning at 5pm today, "Beaches are now open for all activities such as sunbathing, fishing, games, etc., that are not otherwise regulated by...

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COVID-19 UPDATE 5/4/20

May the Force Be With You.. It's national Star Wars day and COVID-19 continues to delay the start of our beach season.On the bright side the weather has been incredible! The press release from the Town of Wrightsville Beach this past Friday reiterated the fact that...

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COVID-19 UPDATE 4/23/20

As April comes to an end, so do some of the quarantine orders and beach closures set forth by local and state officials. With that in mind, we wanted to be certain folks who are considering a trip to the area, or trying to make summer plans, are aware of the current...

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What NOT to Bring to the Beach

  On any given day, at almost any beach, several human generated pollutants can be found scattered along the shore; ¬†discarded and left behind by beach goers, or cast into the ocean from boats and ships. ¬†As lovers of the beach we should all make an effort to...

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Save Our Sea Turtles – Part Two

Several thousands of sea turtles disappear each year around the world. This is a sobering fact, since 6 of the 7 species of sea turtles are already in danger of extinction. When it comes to environmental deprivation or pollution, humans have a history of acting first...

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Save Our Sea Turtles – Part One

    Of the millions of sea turtles which once roamed the oceans freely, only a fraction remain today. In fact, in the past few decades alone, the Pacific Leatherback Turtle population has diminished by 95%. ¬†When a female sea turtle is ready to lay her eggs...

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How to Vacation (Without Feeling Guilty)

"The basic instinct of a human being is the search for freedom...the search for freedom is within all of us" -Jon Long Humans are built, mentally and physically, to explore, to travel, to crave new experiences and adventures.  Of course, everyday can't be an adventure...

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Fun Weekend Events

We love where we live... for many reasons, and one of them is that there is always cool stuff to do! It seems like every weekend there are festivals, concerts, sporting events, community races, fundraisers, and much more!  Well, this weekend is no exception; there are...

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Flotilla Fun

  Obviously, our favorite time of year is summer. When you live at the beach, that season is kind of hard to beat. But the holidays run a close second. ¬†With Thanksgiving right around the corner we are all looking forward to spending time with loved ones and...

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